Thursday, August 31, 2006


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can anyone explain this?

CWD Profile I think he is peakin bro

crooks and biters...

your probably aware of this p17, but thought id give you the heads up. sup with that shit?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

models INC

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fashion week is coming up

anyone searching for a really, really, really good lookin male?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

To all my Black brothers and sisters out there!!!

I am sure many of you watched the recent taping of the Oprah Winfrey show inChicago where her guest was Tommy Hilfiger. On the show, she asked him if the statements about race he was accused of saying were true Statements like"if I'd known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and Asians would buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they (my clothes) are made for upper-class white people."His answer to Oprah was a simple "YES" where after she immediately asked him to leave her show.
A scene also took place on a BA (British Airway) flight between Johannesburgand London. A white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a blackman. Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess. "Madam, whatis the matter?" the hostess asked. "You obviously do not see it then?" Sheresponded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit next tosomeone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative seat." "Be calmplease," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight aretaken. I will go to see if another place is available." The hostess wentaway and then came back a few minutes later."Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economyclass. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is one seat inthe business class. All the same, we also have one seat in the first class."Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued: "It is unusualfor our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the firstclass. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would bescandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting."She then turned to the black guy, and said, "Therefore, sir, if you wouldlike to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in firstclass."At the moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had justwitnessed stood up and applauded. This is a true story.

ps yall heading to bus tonight??

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just in time for SUMMER!!!

We are re-plying this, then it will be ready for peeps consumption only! SHYEAH!
Big Sime knows whats up!!

Pete: you will have to cross the river you know...

RE-UP stalk me at the following

tuesday: shadow exhbition opening at bus-free booze
wednesday: love is a battlefield at viewing space in the nicholas building. floor 6 room 16 6 till 8
thursday: yelza free asahi 7-9
friday: the chronic at revolver

hell yeah!


bluesteel anyone?

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u bet yo' ass

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flesh-fucking is back and heres the proof!

oh, to answer your question ritchie.. lube+shower+you=anytime baby!
big meph is gonna be bummed.. actually no, he wont be

quotes of the weekend:
wozka: that will take 2 years off your life right there

hot doctor: im off to cure cancer!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


a question has been pondering me for awhile now and although i havent had the balls to test out the theory ...........

would wanking with sandpaper hurt more with

A.fine grade sandpaper

B.coarse sandpaper

now most would argue that fine grade would be better seeing as obviously the grade is finer but i however would argue that being fine grade there is more coverage onto the skin than coarse, although coarse has more distinct ridges

now after these points it would seem that the fine grade would scrape more skin off the penis whereas the coarse would only scratch ?

maybe ill give it a rundown when im drunk enough

it's almost as good as asking if anal is better with/without lube or in the shower - pete le chic ?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

to my sweetheart free booze

the week starting the 28th august
monday: ???
tuesday: shadow exhbition opening at bus-free booze
wednesday: outre gallery, some shit-free booze
thursday: yelza free booze 7-9, i think theres something else on the same nite??
friday: THE CHRONIC at revolver. free booze and THE CHRONIC, can life get any sweeter?

i wish i was Diane Pernet

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imagine your life flying around to fashion shows and chillin with your friends. well, this proves real for ex-designer from the late 80's early 90's Diane Pernet. im not too sure what she actually does now besides writing for a few magazines and her blog but, her life is dope!
love her style back in black and check that hair, dope! i think its about time i chose my next look and stick with it for the next 20 years... maybe not

powered by ODEO
audio interview

i dont usually rep other blogs but, check hers out with envy

check out another_brother's interspew here, as if i wouldnt find out!
check out the all of the above shop site while yo' there

random blog of the day: pantyhouse..anyone? rdj u must be down

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lindsay lohan djing hokey tonks NYE i gots to be joking

all city style sydney

here's the wall that Days & Shime painted at the Sydney show, more pics should be online soon at

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



enojado excitado

esta mierda me tiene haber excitado enojado, yo

Monday, August 21, 2006

All City Tr-tr-Tr-Uh-True!!

Click on it for bigger pic, you know whats up...

PETE the WOg: FREEEEEEE BBBBEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!! aarrr like a fuckgin pirate!

ROBERT DOWNEY: you better have got yours done.. heheh

buy all?

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jacket for sell, no rape plice
small mens or large womens leather jacket mad soft, son.
holla at me.

K-town keepin it real for the homeys

There’s nothing wrong with gays making out in public but dead people?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

We miss you Big Poppa

Not sure if this inty is legit or whether its made up...but its a good read nonetheless.

This was a question answer session Biggie did with the audience askin'
It was in a free magazine called Peace! This is how he rated
the rappers asked.

Redman: The new Redman!?! Seven. I can't dis him cuase I know he got
skills. He get busy on the lyrics but i can't feel his new shit, his new
cosmic crazy shit. I'm used to the clean cut blowout fly nigga. When I met
the nigga he was a fly nigga, you know what I'm sayin', now he on some
different shit. I reallt don't like when a rapper come out and they blow
up the way they are and they come out again on some changed up shit. To
me, that's like getting some good coke from poppy and then getting some
money and then be like,'Fuck that! I'm getting some more 45ths, some brown
shit and then bag that up.' Why would you change your plan? That's what he
did to me.

E-40: No rating! Zero! I don't fuck with duke at all. At all.

Too $hort: Ten. That's my dog right there. I love that nigga. That's my
man. The calibre of shit he got. Cocktails shit, i ain't got to see that
shit yet. I know that shit it hot! I was with him in Atlanta and we were
just kickin' it and shit. That's my dog. I love that man.

Triple J..

We always knew it but now there is empirical evidence to back us up... we be gettin money like Junior MAFIA circa '95!!!

he he he

Check out the remixes on cookin soul... esp Big L's MVP from Vol 1...should be right up your alley! Nothing cutting-edge about the production techniques but their vintage loop layering work is choice (unlike the unfortunate cover art).

'the ideal palace for a dandy homeless’

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summers a comin' better get that sunscreen ready

my fav, bernhard willhelm tokyo store article

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Friday, August 18, 2006

classeeek series

lil' kim was certainly lil' back then only 17 years old i think. love this shit

Thursday, August 17, 2006


hey justin OC,check out who the drummer is!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fashion week is coming

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"fashion-foward" designers out there searching for the "edgy" model. look no further, tran is your man

general butt naked day!

The real name of this absurd character is Joshua Milton Blahyi known during the vicious civil war in Liberia as General Buttnaked, although his name wasn't so strange compared to other so called generals like General Murder, Rambo, Terminator, Jungle Killer, General War Boss III, General Housebreaker, No-mother-no-father, General Fuck-me-quick, Babykiller and so on. General Butt naked himself says (note: I guess he is mentally ill and therefore some caution is recommended) he began his evil ways when he was just 11 years old when he performed a satanic ritual that demanded that he had to perform human sacrifices. This was the beginning of a macabre episode in the brutal Liberian civil war. He has admitted to killing several children just for the fun of it. His rise to fame came when he as a warlord commanded an brigade that called itself the Buttnaked brigade/battalion (it differs somewhat depending on the source), a group of ragtag drugged and drunken teenage soldiers. They did all dress upp in the most absurd style they could find, some had wedding gowns, dresses, purses and wigs, others where completely naked. General Butt naked himself drove a motorcycle completely naked, except for his sneakers and a blasting rifle. The nudity that became his trademark was said to protect him from bullets and therefore he and the Butt naked brigade was completely fearless, he says it was given to him by Satan.

As an independent warlord he and his buttnaked brigade fought for the highest bidder. In the last years of the civil war it was Roosevelt Johnson that was his source of funds. In this war of brutality that shocked Liberia the Butt naked-brigade where the most gruesome, famous for using decapitated heads as soccer balls and sacrificed children before every battle for receiving their magical protection.

General Buttnaked himself meet his fate one day, dressed in full "battle dress", when he claims he saw God that told him that he was a slave to Satan, not the hero he considered himself to be. God commanded him to spread the word of the gospel so he started preaching. To put on some clothes was his own idea. Later on when he was questioned on why he fought for money by an journalist he said: "I agreed, because at that time they offered me a lot of money. Everything I did, I did on a commercial basis." He also admitted that it took some while for him to accept his new calling. He went some year after his calling to Nigeria and studied at a theology school. Now he is an full-blown preacher, preaching the gospel in the Victory Christian church of Monrovia. He seams to repent now and say that he can't be accused of what he was doing during the civil war, he says it was Satan that possessed him. Nowadays he sells recordings of his sermons for $20 a piece that he claims will go to build schools for young ex-fighters like him. He claims: "Even now I'm fighting. I'm fighting a spiritual war."

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i couldnt find a pic of butt naked but, here is a posse member

wikipedia link yo

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

don't sleep

came across this homie passed out in his ride on swanston st outside the lounge the other night... i didn't even know you were allowed to drive down there let alone set up camp for the night.

i bet he didn't think he'd get his mug snapped by the can't skate photosquad and end up on the internet, that'll teach him for falling asleep in public.



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sorry, it had to be done, they were everywhere.

i buy all

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cop it at provider yo

say what you like about em....

...vice still occaisionally bring the heat:

Some guys are smart enough to know the only way you’re going to get Asian chicks is to turn down the thug and turn up the Sesame Street.

Man I hate these kind of guys. Pontificating “dudes” who use cigarettes to gesticulate and pretend dying their hair and hunting for vintage shirts is “not giving a shit.”

Sunday, August 13, 2006


if you love the cronic in 06, you'll shit your pants when you see him in 1992!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cum One, Cum All!

Try to catch me.. RIDIN DURTY!!!! haha

im playing @ half-asian men cant crunk tonight @ brown alley, tell them your on CWD's LIST FOR CHEAP ENTRY!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006


sydney posse
if anyone sees lilly allen wearing my dress can u please take a photo for me?
i was too wasted to fold it, let alone take a photo

Thursday, August 10, 2006

the wog was there

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and it was dope. shit was getting heated outside, resale price was reaching $120 for a 30 minute gig. so crazy yo
she came on stage with a ciggy in one hand and a beer in the other.
bless her

thursday night!

Please forward to anyone you think may be interested, RSVP to is essential as the theatre will fill up quick!

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EXTRA NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting Screening At MIFF

We are doing a little screening for people who missed the first one. Love to see you out and let the people know! For more info on the film please visit

When:  7:00 PM Thursday August 10th

Melbourne International Film Festival,
First Floor
207 Johnston St Fitzroy 9417 2011

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

memories 30/03/03

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OK kids. Let's get our kit ready and hit Supply, Someday and Provider. This shit is too easy.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Perfection according to Chris Rock

For all the penis wielders reading this, here is the litmus test to gauge if your prospective female companion is of the minute percentage of her gender that is most highly desired by the modern urban parlayer. Do not ask if she believes in a higher power, if she one day wants to get married and have children, or even if she likes to cook. The key to your happiness lies in two questions. The first being, "you like Wu-Tang?" If she responds affirmatively, share a brief bonding experience to validate this response by way of nostalgia regarding Wu-firsts. The first time you saw ODB's album cover with his welfare card on the front, the first time you heard the skit about sewing an unfortunate soul's asshole shut and continuing to feed said victim, and many more sweet and jovial memories.

Now (here's the doozy)- if she has responded yes to the aforementioned question, the moment of truth is upon us. If you're trying to be subtle, raise the general subject of entertainment and tv shows to see what she likes. If you've got no time to waste however, then go str8 for the gusto- "you watch Seinfeld???"

Wonder if Paris is reading this.. hmm.. maybe not.

Monday, August 07, 2006


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so the other night my boy caine (fr shadow) got robbed in the middle of the night while him and his girl were sleeping, they got away with heaps of their stuff but one thing they took was a digital camera with video capabilities and you guessed it... they filmed themselves at their crib smoking crack and other dumb shit that ensures they are getting done for the crime. all because they were stupid enough to be hanging out the front of some projects at 3am with all the stolen stuff plus shitloads of drugs in a bag. way to go guys ;)

peep the video:

check shadow blog for more details:

3 Stripes

Happy BDay bro!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New tees from Ka$h, Cronic and The Heights

$60 bones. m/l/xl. 4 colour screenprints. Ice Cube, Darlene + The Heights/Cream Al Pacino Collabo. holla!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


anyway - the clare got blacklisted by the license police and that means no more parties, especially ro sham bo but stop crying ok dude,

we are having the party at vegas bar tomorrow night (saturday), above spectrum/next to q bar, at 34 oxford st this goes down at 9pm,

get there as early as you can because those decent dudes at opulent have brought up like 700 free cd's to give to equally decent dudes and dudettes

see yall there.

peace. cwd

Friday, August 04, 2006

u wont get near her if your broke tho

eastern block euro-trash models

you know when a outfit work so well it transends its earthly bounds and becomes sex wrapped around a soul?
and when its documented that moment is eternal and we see god.

will the real joe louis please stand up, your audience awaits to applaud

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the blog is falling apart...

here's my version, it's the best you'll get from me when i'm trying to postpone doing my taxes at 5:30am on a friday morning.

by the way, the "next" graff doco afterparty is at revolver tonight if any of you feel like getting drunk, it's the place to be.


(click on the image for a bigger version btw)

classic movie

Thursday, August 03, 2006

what music does your cat listen to...

House Cat?
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Hip Hop Cat?
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Heavy Metal Cat?
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Stevie Wonder Cat?
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Stoner Rock Cat?
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Techno Cat?
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