Tuesday, August 15, 2006

don't sleep

came across this homie passed out in his ride on swanston st outside the lounge the other night... i didn't even know you were allowed to drive down there let alone set up camp for the night.

i bet he didn't think he'd get his mug snapped by the can't skate photosquad and end up on the internet, that'll teach him for falling asleep in public.



three stripes said...

I guess all that Inital D tired him out! At least he can use his harness pads as a pillow. That pic would have been even better if he has some drooling going on!! RDJ - you shoulda done a before shot (as per your pic) and then an after shot, when you've just knocked very hard on the glass!! LOL!!

Jason said...

that same dude keeps a battery jump kit in his trunk so that he can jump start his car when it dies!i seen it happen b4...he deserves a job in the ferrari pit lane the way he moved that friday on lil lonsdale street near the cant skate headquaters!

kwality said...

That car is the ultimate example of the suburban phenomenon of "Dealer Car-itis".

RDJ said...