Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Since this is my first evrrrr post I'll actually make an effort to stay on topic.

Firstly, I have a confession to make. I can't skate...think I'm the only one who's posted so far that doesn't...well, back in 88 I spent 10 minutes trying to teach myself how to ollie on a nail polish red skateboard that was shaped like a banana...didn't get too far.

Now I'm kinda having regrets, seeing how much fun Skateboard P is having (...dude really should be blogging instead...ha) when he's not too busy re-collab'ing with LV or plundering 80s classics AND avoiding sample clearance lawyers all at the same time -> Pharrell Williams feat Kanye West - Number 1 By the way, when did rappers start namechecking myspace in their rhymes?!

Skatin' I can understand but why the hate for skate 'bics'?

P.S. I am not the guy in the pic above nor am I affiliated with him in any way whatsoever.

stuntglasses at night

New unreleased dirty dirty south, Kinfolk Kia Shine hailing outta GA, "Stuntglasses At Night (Stunna Frames)" hopefully he blows up like rick ross. This is the first of many stuntglasses tracks for the summer(bah), every man and his dog(news is jd & 112 "stunnas" wtf) will be releasing sunglasses tracks, props to the og "corey hart - sunglasses at night" (limewire that ish).

Also shameless plug for my new mix available for download
"dattebayo mix #1", tracklisting here, will be doing these weekly for the favela rock peeps. Sydney siders look out july 29 for the RO SHAMBO x OPULENT FAVELA ROCK 6.5 party crunk/bmore/baile/hyphy, supposedely im playing 1am - 2am. Looks like im doing the closing set @ spank ro as well, noice!

Speaking of hyphy, miggie mos def and dj shadow out end of july 25 @ palace. Hyphy x old shadow, interesting to see how this turns out.

Where u at homie?

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New Beginnings

Check this out . THREE SIX! MAFIA! and Mr West.

Nobody consulted me...

Today is World No Tobacco Day, and as a smoker I'm insulted noone consulted me to see if today was a good day for it. It's not. This whole month is no good for me, so don't do it now. Do it when it's nice and sunny and everyone is happy and I don't feel like smoking. Right now it's my only source of excercise.

When will it be World No Day Day? That's a day that is nothing other than a day, and no corny ass do-gooders can ruin it with their righteousness.


Get yo' cult on!