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Jonathan Pease is better known for his role as style director and host on Australia’s Next Top Model, and less for his fashion designing for collaborative label Tight Knickers. Pease graces the social pages at numerous fashion events and parties, always self-styled and surrounded by beautiful women. It seems Pease is constantly on the go, and for that reason alone, his outfits remain mostly in classic styles with contemporary twists on trends. Although his role on ANTM has seen Pease’s fame elevate, he has also worked successfully on many business ventures, deemed as a young entrepreneur. He has hosted for the Grammy’s and Fashion Week Unwrapt, alongside countless fashion and TV roles.

As on-screen stylist for ANTM, many of us are unaware that Pease assists in all styling and model looks for each episode whilst off-screen. This ability to work efficiently and creatively is something that Pease incorporates into his personal styling. Pease’ style is reflective of his busy- fast natured lifestyle. More casual outfits incorporate sneakers with jeans and blazers, a perfect outfit for someone who looks like they have three other parties to make before the night’s end. Just like his clear love for sneakers and easy-to-wear pieces, Pease also seems to favour a complete black look. Be this because black is a safe, sophisticated option, or because black is back with a vengeance, Pease manages to style his darker outfits with well-tailored pieces and eye-catching detail.

Award nights and more formal events are again a chance for Pease to look classic and charming, matching suit jackets or a buttoned blazer with either an open-collared shirt or a print t-shirt underneath. Of course for Pease, it certainly helps his styling when he has a gorgeous model linked next to him (which is almost always). Whilst Pease recently took a few bullets from the gossip-savvy media concerning his relationship with younger women (we’re talking 14 years younger), he seems content to push forward and ignore question time. After all, a young man like Pease can’t afford to listen to the gossip moguls, because judging by the amount of times he is photographed at an event, he is a very busy person.

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MAKING LAMBS ANGER (ok quality) from oizo mr on Vimeo.

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