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fuck facebook,(thats not really me anyways) holla at me on twitter

gomez has been on this shit since 07..
check out this pic of him- big pimpin, spendin' G's!

sime, c-dubs and steezy are there too


ritchie's fixie article

Forget the trophy girlfriend, the skateboard or the boombox, the coolest accessory to carry round these days is a fixie, or fixed gear bike.

They are beautiful bikes, minimalist and come in a wide range ofcolours and shapes to match your pointy shoes. FAKENGERS derived fromFAKE and MESSENGERS is a term commonly associated with thehipsters/scenesters that can now be spotted in most major cities ridingaround in their newly purchased fluro fixie.

So what exactly is this fixie thing? A fixie bike has no changeable gears and can also pedal backwards - the pedals and chain are fixed. It's origins date back to the early days of track racing in velodromes and was even used in road racing until the '60s when gears made riding bikes a lot easier.

It's probably the humble bike messenger that gave the fixie its current resurgence as the most fashionable bike. Couriers are the TRUE road warriors weaving in and out of traffic and drinking kegs by the truckload (as opposed to mere mortals who drink glasses by the kegload). They have dreads, unsigned bands' cards in their spokes and are riding fearless on the road all the time.

So basically, what's become trendy amongst the youth of today are courier bikes.

Their riders can be identified by the following factors:

• they wear a short-brimmed racing hat that matches their bike
• their grips and pedals and rims and condoms are the same shade of pink
• they roll the WRONG side of their pants up
• they carry a messenger bag around when not riding yet own a backpack

Riding a bike is a good thing - it's carbon neutral, good for you and good for the environment. What is lame though, is taking elements of bike culture and wearing them whilst having a fake-arsed attempt at this culture. It's almost as shit as fat dudes who buy $15,000 carbon road bikes that weigh 0.7kgs and think they are losing weight riding a good 5 kms then drive home from the park.

guess who's back

and still doesn't know how to post pics

tre re-run

vodka slurpee's

family tee 2

iori bitch

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Is a magic number.


bmx for sale

the two week skid..

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look at what u made me do!!!

in a lambo, the kid has some steez

this belongs here

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.
watch the hairlines

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anyone up on this?

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kill em all

Button down Bronx

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Black the fuck out!

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

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my mate

For the Homies **New Shit**

Cholo Mickey T-Shirt now available at all For The Homies stockists and from the e-store

Valentines Day '09

Words from G-Man Twinkle Himself:

"This afternoon I threw together a quick mix of perfect Valentines Day romance tracks for you all to go make babies to. Its a little ruff in places but like to think it adds to the character!! All live... no magic... just two turntables and a mixer.

hope you enjoy!


p.s For all my un-lucky-in-love valentines haters, I'll be dropping 'Fuck Love' mix next week!"

G-Man Twinkle aka GMT - Valentines Day Mix '09

Tracklist coming soon...

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5 Years Later

Torrent Here

extra kings

this is the newest av's mix i could find. (approx 2007) and i must say, they def still have it. cant wait for the album

some people mix


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Dr Such said he was convinced there were organised gangs behind the graffiti attacks at Noarlunga and also on the Belair railway line.

"This is not kids with textas," he said. "They are highly sophisticated gangs with state of the art materials, including ladders and cameras."

if in a doctors opinion cameras & ladders are state of the art materials, what does that say about who's in charge in adelaide? wouldn't be too hard to take over their government, you could use state of the art materials such as portable telephones, electronic mail & petrol powered vehicles. while they send smoke signals, beat drums and walk everywhere.



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chad van gaalen is good

Dattebayo 23 (Uptempo Jams)

CWD – Dattebayo 23 (Uptempo Edition) (05/02/09), 52min 13sec, 49MB

Some uptempo party tracks.


01. Trick Daddy feat. Trina - We Got
02. Vybz Kartel - Picture (Show Me Love Remix)
03. Busy Signal - Tic Toc
04. Lil' Wayne - Mrs Officer (Umyo Gredos Remix)
05. Warren G & Nate Dogg - Regulate (Counts of Bounce Remix)
06. Cobra Krames - Swagger like Us
07. Gangstarr - Full Clip (GT Full Club Remix)
08. DJ Class feat. Lil Jon - Im The Shit Remix
09. DJ Excel - All Nite Long feat. Emmy
10. Paleface feat. Kyla - Do You Mind (Pwn Remix)
11. Bird Peterson - Tourture Motherfucker
12. Crookers & Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian
13. DJ Sega - Colours
14. Sany Pitbull - Yeeeeaah
15. Sany Pitbull - Funk Alemao
16. DJ Edgar - Made In Brazil
17. Rod Lee - Puttin' It Down
18. Emynd - Reach Out
19. Dukeyman - Hoody Hood Rat
20. Landlord - Blow OUt Dub (2008 DJ Anon Edit)
21. DJ Rob Threezy - Let's Go Ravers
22. Madd Jazz - Let Me Show You
23. DJ Rob Threezy - The Chase (Rampage Remix)
24. Spruce Lee - Mars Theme (Red Herring)
25. DJ Touche - Vampires (Club Edit)
26. John Dahlback - Hustle Up (Pop Rawkus Remix)
27. MGMT - Time To Pretend (Diplo Remix)
28. CLP - Ain't Nobody Cooler (Mixhell Remix)
29. Mongrel - Hit From The Morning Sun ('96 Bulls Remix)
30. Duke Dumont - Feltham (Borstal Beat)
31. AC SLater - Bassline Time
32. The Goodmen - Give It Up
33. Monsta Boy - Sorry

peace. cwd

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mix of the week

extra special****

dexter on triple j at his best(for me anyways) from about 2000? well, it was before the album came out anyways. so nuts.
part one
part two
part three

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i remember when this went down years and years ago. does real skating still exsist?

for todd

bam bam

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its here

fuck con-nex

does anyone have their new concession card yet? im gonna do some bootlegs if anyone else is down