Saturday, June 30, 2007

etchy sketchy

No-one's this patient...
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Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Made for skate

I ran into Sam Morgan and Paul Brabanec too. Me and jessie at the Blueprint/Nike SB exhibit.

Competition on the Group shot front

Paris jour deux

Kerry's flicks from paris i posted the rest over here all of the above

he's everywhere...

cant skate

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therfore, im just chillin'

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

10 lies you'll hear in the creative biz...

1 "Do this one cheap (or free) and we'll make it up on the next

No reputable business person would first give away their work and time
or merchandise on the hope of making it up later. Can you imagine what
a plumber would say if you said "come in, provide and install the
sink for free and next time we'll make it up when we need a sink." You
would be laughed at! Also the likelyhood is that if something important
came along, they wouldn't use you.

2 "We never pay a cent until we see the final product."

This is a croc, unless the person is leaving the door open to cheat
you out of your pay. Virtually every profession requres a deposit or
incremental payment during anything but the smallest project. Once you
have a working relationship, you may work out another arrangement with
a client. But a new client should not ask you to go beyond an initial
meeting and, perhaps some preliminary sketches without pay on the job!

3 "Do this for us and you'll get great exposure! The jobs will
just pour in!"

Baloney. Tell a plumber "Install this sink and my friend will see
and you'll get lots of business!" Our plumber friend would say "You
mean even if I do a good job I have to give my work away to get noticed?
Then it isn't worth the notice." Also the guy would likely brag
to everyone he knows about how this would normally cost (X) dollars,
but brilliant businessman that he is he got if for free! If anyone calls,
they'll expect the same or better deal.

4 On looking at sketches or concepts: "Well, we aren't sure if
we want to use you yet, but leave your material here so I can talk to
my partner/investor/wife/clergy."

You can be sure that 15 minutes after you leave he will be on the phone
to other designers, now with concepts in hand, asking for price quotes.
When you call back you will be informed that your prices were too high
and Joe Blow Design/Illustration will be doing the job. Why shouldn't
they be cheaper? You just gave them hours of free consulting work! Until
you have a deal, LEAVE NOTHING CREATIVE at the clients office.

5 "Well, the job isn't CANCELLED, just delayed. Keep the account
open and we'll continue in a month or two."

Ummm, probably not. If something is hot, then not, it could be dead.
It would be a mistake to *not* bill for work performed at this point
and then let the chips fall where they may! Call in two months and someone
else may be in that job. And guess what? They don't know you at all.....

6 "Contract? We don't need no stinking contact! Aren't we friends?"

Yes, we are, until something goes wrong or is misunderstood, then you
are the jerk in the suit and I am that idiot designer, then the contract
is essential. That is, unless one doesn't care about being paid. Any
reputable business uses paperwork to define relationships and you should

7 "Send me a bill after the work goes to press."

Why wait for an irrelevant deadline to send an invoice? You stand behind
your work, right? You are honest, right? Why would you feel bound to
this deadline? Once you deliver the work and it is accepted, BILL IT.
This point may just be a delaying tactic so the job goes through the
printer prior to any question of your being paid. If the guy waits for
the job to be printed, and you do changes as necessary, then he can stiff
you and not take a chance that he'll have to pay someone else for changes.

8 "The last guy did it for XXX dollars."

That is irrelevant. If the last guy was so good they wouldn't be talking
to you, now would they? And what that guy charged means nothing to you,
really. People who charge too little for their time go out of business
(or self-destruct financially, or change occupations) and then someone
else has to step in. Set a fair price and stick to it.

9 "Our budget is XXX dollars, firm."

Amazing, isn't it? This guy goes out to buy a car, and what, knows exactly
what he is going to spend before even looking or researching? Not likely.
A certain amount of work costs a certain amount of money. If they have
less money (and you *can*) do less work and still take the job. But make
sure they understand that you are doing less work if you take less money
that you originally estimated. Give fewer comps, simplify, let them go
elsewhere for services (like films) etc.

10 "We are having financial problems. Give us the work, we'll
make some money and we'll pay you. Simple."

Yeah, except when the money comes, you can expect that you will be pretty
low on the list to be paid. If someone reaches the point where they admit
that the company is in trouble, then they are probably much worse off
than they are admitting to. Even then, are you a bank? Are you qualified
to check out their financials? If the company is strapped to the point
where credit is a problem through credit agencies, banks etc. what business
would you have extending credit to them. You have exactly ZERO pull once
they have the work. Noble intentions or not, this is probably a losing
bet. But if you are going to roll the dice, AT LEAST you should be getting
additional money for waiting. The bank gets interest and so should you.
That is probably why the person is approaching you; to get six months
worth of free interest instead of paying bank rates for credit and then
paying you with that money. Don't give away money.

who says the internet is full of useless info.

group photo, what?

whats going on, where the fuck are the photos at?

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...don't fuck with this guy, for reals.

Friday, June 22, 2007

good times.

yo anyone with photo's can you please email them to me

Cope 2 vs Shrek

Image Hosted by

check the background ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

History of skate shoes
Look s cool, found on a link off
Going to some exhibition opeiing ting for this in brick lane tonight.
Should be cool.
starving on a couch somewhere haha

MEGAWORDS (interesting)

Interview // Anthony Smyrski - Megawords Magazine
When it comes to a free, non-commercial magazine as impressive as the Philadelphia based Megawords the first question that comes to mind is “but…how?” Yet, rather than get tied up with logistics we spoke to co-founder Anthony Smyrski about the reasons why they do it. If you’re not already familiar with the title then we recommend you visit their recently relaunched website before reading the interview.
above images // cover of Megawords # 6 and Anthony in Luxembourg during Colophon International Magazine Symposium

Although we’re mainly going to discuss publishing, your agency Smyrski Creative works across a whole range of projects from design to consulting. Can you take us back to the beginning and was there a particular project that got the ball rolling?
As a child I had always been quite interested in and observant of my environment, and that’s where it really all goes back to – my obsession with the world. Later college wasn’t going so well for me, and nothing in any of my classes seemed at all relevant and I was searching for the proper outlet for my feelings and observations. I had recently met Dan Murphy and some other artists in Philadelphia, and this really heightened my awareness of other means of expression that suited me properly. Working with Dan, and realizing there were alternatives is really what started my current trajectory.
And did publishing stem from your design work or did it run parallel?
Publishing to me is simply one of the many ways to have a voice, and to express your stance and views. Likewise with design.
Can you elaborate on what you attempt to voice through Megawords magazine?
The expression and declaration of self, or declaration of existence, is what is important. To take a stance on any issue is something people seem to have trouble with today, wouldn’t you say? We are in a time now, with our personal freedoms at stake in many ways, where we are constantly overwhelmed by advertising and messages that our not our own. It may have never been more important to remember to ask those questions, take those stands, and make as much noise of your own as possible. This is what Megawords is to me, expressing my own voice while hopefully inspiring others to express theirs.
Are there other publications/people/ideas that inspire you in a similar way?
I’ve been inspired by Colors magazine, free press publications from the ’60s, and the Philadelphia Independent. I can also count amongst inspiration people such as Jean Luc Godard, Peter Saville, Camus, Morrissey, Josef Müller Brockman, and the Maysles brothers. Anyone with strong ideas that become manifest in their work.
Megawords is also free which is amazing because it is something that most people would pay for. What was the basis for this decision? Also what challenges, if any, has it presented in regards to perception (people potentially taking it for granted) and distribution (separating the mag from other free press)?
Megawords must be free because we do not want any barriers to someone picking it up and looking at it, even if it’s something as low as 1 or 2 dollars. We felt that it had to be free. Free of cost and free of advertising. We felt that if the content was right, that people would respond appropriately We’ve managed to build a certain amount of prestige and respect around the magazine, and are careful not to leave it on the floor in a pile, and we’ve been lucky enough to find a network of people around the globe who take the time to help us distribute the magazine.
In terms of getting the content right, what is the process behind compiling each issue?
Each issue comes together very organically. Dan and myself will bring groups of images and ideas that we are interested, and through our editing process find connections and draw parallels between things that work well with each other. Sometimes it is aesthetic, often contextual. One path will often lead to completely new directions that could only result through the unique process we follow. Of course, sometimes we throw this process out the window. With issue 4 for example. This issue was put together much more in the way a traditional magazine would be, although we really had no idea what was going on while we made the issue.
In the latest issue there’s a double page spread with four guys riding around some kind of DIY velodrome. There’s no obvious source for the picture and although I love it and want to know more about it I also enjoy imagining where it came from. Can you tell us about this image, or perhaps just elaborate on this enigmatic element of Megawords?
Dan actually allocated this image. Funny we just spoke about it tonight in an AIGA lecture we gave. It was given to him by a long lost contact, the photo itself it quite old. Dan often speaks about how he’d love to recreate this velodrome… but that’s about all we know as to the photos origins.
As for Megawords enigmatic qualities, our good friend once said that what we do is pull images from our collective “interesting file” and somehow find a way for them all to make sense together. I’ve always liked that description.

Another interesting characteristic of Megawords (current issue specifically) is that there are a some photos that one might not notice in a different context. It seems like the ‘atmosphere’ of the publication that is created through both format and content gives new life to these images. Is this intentional? And, what would you consider to be a boring image?
The form and context of the images, and how we place them next to each other is very, very intentional. How images follow each other and how they are paced throughout each issue all come together to tell a story. Nuances of color and form are also taken into account. I’ve not really come across a totally boring image because when you place it next to something else, you can totally change its effect, making it really memorable.
Do you take your own photos?
I do take my own photographs, but I wouldn’t call myself a photographer by any means. Its so easy to take pictures now with digital cameras and computers, I feel as if I must take pictures of what I’m doing if only becasue the photos will be so great to look at in 25 years.
… how does your personal aesthetic influence your aesthetic of the Megawords?
The look of Megawords is certainly affected by my personal aesthetic. I prefer function over form, and I like to try and achieve the most impact possible with an elegant and effective economy of means and materials.
Lastly, what are your plans for Megawords?
Issue 7 of Megawords is going to be our 2nd text heavy issue. It will be interviews with people that are somehow involved with the project, either people that have influenced us, that have been influenced by us, or that we’ve worked with or collaborated with.
Dan and JT are continuing on with Megawords Radio, and we’ve got some great artists performing on the show in the next few months. I personally have 3 short documentary films that I am working on, I really feel as if thats the direction we’re headed. We’ll continue to take a look around us, and see where the world leads.


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sal barbier rocking the chronic!!!!
im wearing mine tomorrow

shortsie says wadup from the dam

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

??'s of the day

is celebrity heads gonna make a "blazing" return at all of the above on thursday?

why is jay-z called jay-z?

when is provider gonna have and opening party for the city store? im thirsty

how dope is the prada building in tokyo?
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has the chronic died from a severe case of yella feva?

While your eating your popcorn... should be wearing this:

Monday, June 18, 2007

please explain

as requested

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sinners 07

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wax packs!!

i can already taste that stale ceramic piece of gum..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

quote of the week

she doesnt have down syndrome, she has puppy dog eyes.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Me? biggest Batman fan since birth. This? First pic of the new Joker for the next Batman movie. I'm making the popcorn now.....
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

FB (Fucking Be there) next thursday


its official

le creep is banned from libs!

but, before u cry for me argentina

life is good

ps. no more of their shit on the blog, i dont want their wackness rubbing off on us


back to the future 3, or porn..

what a magical place..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

get on the bandwagon now

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


the first can't skate widget has arrived...

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"hello my name is" interface, will add more shit if/when i get time.

get it here mac users (os x 10.4.3 min req):


My new girl

talk about detailing your ride...

Human Tetris

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pickle Suprise!

Oh god.... i didn't want to see this after a rough friday night out. It's like a John Waters nightmare...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

be there!

someone bring a camera, i dare say this will be the biggest posse shot ever!

Its a Man's world.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I need this for the shop...

its about time


I ront relieve that!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ting tong

yes Penang!
so here we are, jungle spices, iguanas, snakes and rules. Although it's all very laid back. I have decided (a can of tiger escapes my lips and places itself conveniently next to my hand) Muslims are the most jealous mofos ever. When they die they get a small boatload of virgins, but still in there living life they make their missussses wear a black gown from head to toe so no one else can check them out. The allure of these hidden eastern goddesses is driving me wild, homewreck anyone!? Why not! But my task is hard, i have allah against me and the mighty black hand does not appreciate my attitude (he said i f i give him a couple of smokes it would be sweet. Shot cuzz.)
(sip) Oops i'm addicted to brackets with writing in them all over again. But anyway, i have dragged you into this page of your internet to speak of greater things than religion and alcohol. Or have I!?
Durian is a fruit that smells like dirty bottoms, like st geromes alleyway on a hot summers day, it tastes better than it smells, but still i'm not accustomed to it. I hope it does wonders for some part of me, in some way.
There are some great shops around here, like the "Hot Motorbike shop" and the "Money changer and laundrey" i feel at home so far away from home, i feel like i could feel like this anywhere right about now.
They have this local whipskey here, the one we got is called "royal scout "whisky""ha ha!
It tastes like rubbing alcohol with a dash of scotch. We tried top drink it but ergh, it lape me. I thought Kamo's cousins rakia was bad.
Got me a mean tye dye tee shirt, hand done with the wax imprint, batik style. Bloody hippy.
Billy is doing his master of the universe routine, must be time to hit the sunset bar on the beach for some mei goreng and tigers, last day in the nang. London is going to be interesting.
When i get a camera i will be able to back this dribble with factual pics.
Cha maing!


Anyone who wants to get on the door list email:

seeya there

Ramen Anyone?


Lastest installment of Dattebayo series, tracklisting over on the "space".

Right clickity:
CWD - Dattebayo 13 (4/6/07), 48m 24s, 48meg.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Party this saturday at miss libs!!

come celebrate the b'days of tash, sammy, ruth, aaron, drew and (add name here if you want the blog to know it's your birthday, i know there's at least 3 more of you out there!).

Monday, June 04, 2007

The futuure is here....

team green

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the chronic will never wear that tshirt again

for the non believers

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live from

Looks like I'm out of a job...

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Mind your feet...


Saturday, June 02, 2007

shortsie's european vacation shocker!!

"dude we just got to amsterdam, you wont believe this man,
but you can actually buy weed here!!! how cool is that!!
i think its legal and everything..."

he doesn't get out much - rdj

shit chronic loves, part one

OPP by Naughty By Nature, 1991

quote of the day

"i wouldnt live with you if the world was flooded with piss and u lived in a tree"

Friday, June 01, 2007


i was flapping my lip about this to someone. well, here u go!

fb update

600 shots of jaeger at schwipe. jaaaeeeger!!!!