Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ting tong

yes Penang!
so here we are, jungle spices, iguanas, snakes and rules. Although it's all very laid back. I have decided (a can of tiger escapes my lips and places itself conveniently next to my hand) Muslims are the most jealous mofos ever. When they die they get a small boatload of virgins, but still in there living life they make their missussses wear a black gown from head to toe so no one else can check them out. The allure of these hidden eastern goddesses is driving me wild, homewreck anyone!? Why not! But my task is hard, i have allah against me and the mighty black hand does not appreciate my attitude (he said i f i give him a couple of smokes it would be sweet. Shot cuzz.)
(sip) Oops i'm addicted to brackets with writing in them all over again. But anyway, i have dragged you into this page of your internet to speak of greater things than religion and alcohol. Or have I!?
Durian is a fruit that smells like dirty bottoms, like st geromes alleyway on a hot summers day, it tastes better than it smells, but still i'm not accustomed to it. I hope it does wonders for some part of me, in some way.
There are some great shops around here, like the "Hot Motorbike shop" and the "Money changer and laundrey" i feel at home so far away from home, i feel like i could feel like this anywhere right about now.
They have this local whipskey here, the one we got is called "royal scout "whisky""ha ha!
It tastes like rubbing alcohol with a dash of scotch. We tried top drink it but ergh, it lape me. I thought Kamo's cousins rakia was bad.
Got me a mean tye dye tee shirt, hand done with the wax imprint, batik style. Bloody hippy.
Billy is doing his master of the universe routine, must be time to hit the sunset bar on the beach for some mei goreng and tigers, last day in the nang. London is going to be interesting.
When i get a camera i will be able to back this dribble with factual pics.
Cha maing!

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