Wednesday, May 31, 2006

stuntglasses at night

New unreleased dirty dirty south, Kinfolk Kia Shine hailing outta GA, "Stuntglasses At Night (Stunna Frames)" hopefully he blows up like rick ross. This is the first of many stuntglasses tracks for the summer(bah), every man and his dog(news is jd & 112 "stunnas" wtf) will be releasing sunglasses tracks, props to the og "corey hart - sunglasses at night" (limewire that ish).

Also shameless plug for my new mix available for download
"dattebayo mix #1", tracklisting here, will be doing these weekly for the favela rock peeps. Sydney siders look out july 29 for the RO SHAMBO x OPULENT FAVELA ROCK 6.5 party crunk/bmore/baile/hyphy, supposedely im playing 1am - 2am. Looks like im doing the closing set @ spank ro as well, noice!

Speaking of hyphy, miggie mos def and dj shadow out end of july 25 @ palace. Hyphy x old shadow, interesting to see how this turns out.


JBo said...

dope mixtape seedub!

left handed said...

word CWD you coming up to syd?

seedoubleyoudee said...

thanks! the mixes are gogin to be coming thick and fast(using em for promo and the like), ill be doing the next one tomorrow after the footy(st kilda vs melbourne, go the SAINTERS!!!)

and yes SYDNEY put your hands up, im playing only an hr set, but its going to be jammed packed, cant wait, i think it may be @ the mandarin club, but it hasnt been confirmed yet, cant wait to come up and see the sydney peeps, proddy and bitches, oh and party too!!