Wednesday, August 16, 2006

general butt naked day!

The real name of this absurd character is Joshua Milton Blahyi known during the vicious civil war in Liberia as General Buttnaked, although his name wasn't so strange compared to other so called generals like General Murder, Rambo, Terminator, Jungle Killer, General War Boss III, General Housebreaker, No-mother-no-father, General Fuck-me-quick, Babykiller and so on. General Butt naked himself says (note: I guess he is mentally ill and therefore some caution is recommended) he began his evil ways when he was just 11 years old when he performed a satanic ritual that demanded that he had to perform human sacrifices. This was the beginning of a macabre episode in the brutal Liberian civil war. He has admitted to killing several children just for the fun of it. His rise to fame came when he as a warlord commanded an brigade that called itself the Buttnaked brigade/battalion (it differs somewhat depending on the source), a group of ragtag drugged and drunken teenage soldiers. They did all dress upp in the most absurd style they could find, some had wedding gowns, dresses, purses and wigs, others where completely naked. General Butt naked himself drove a motorcycle completely naked, except for his sneakers and a blasting rifle. The nudity that became his trademark was said to protect him from bullets and therefore he and the Butt naked brigade was completely fearless, he says it was given to him by Satan.

As an independent warlord he and his buttnaked brigade fought for the highest bidder. In the last years of the civil war it was Roosevelt Johnson that was his source of funds. In this war of brutality that shocked Liberia the Butt naked-brigade where the most gruesome, famous for using decapitated heads as soccer balls and sacrificed children before every battle for receiving their magical protection.

General Buttnaked himself meet his fate one day, dressed in full "battle dress", when he claims he saw God that told him that he was a slave to Satan, not the hero he considered himself to be. God commanded him to spread the word of the gospel so he started preaching. To put on some clothes was his own idea. Later on when he was questioned on why he fought for money by an journalist he said: "I agreed, because at that time they offered me a lot of money. Everything I did, I did on a commercial basis." He also admitted that it took some while for him to accept his new calling. He went some year after his calling to Nigeria and studied at a theology school. Now he is an full-blown preacher, preaching the gospel in the Victory Christian church of Monrovia. He seams to repent now and say that he can't be accused of what he was doing during the civil war, he says it was Satan that possessed him. Nowadays he sells recordings of his sermons for $20 a piece that he claims will go to build schools for young ex-fighters like him. He claims: "Even now I'm fighting. I'm fighting a spiritual war."

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