Sunday, August 20, 2006

We miss you Big Poppa

Not sure if this inty is legit or whether its made up...but its a good read nonetheless.

This was a question answer session Biggie did with the audience askin'
It was in a free magazine called Peace! This is how he rated
the rappers asked.

Redman: The new Redman!?! Seven. I can't dis him cuase I know he got
skills. He get busy on the lyrics but i can't feel his new shit, his new
cosmic crazy shit. I'm used to the clean cut blowout fly nigga. When I met
the nigga he was a fly nigga, you know what I'm sayin', now he on some
different shit. I reallt don't like when a rapper come out and they blow
up the way they are and they come out again on some changed up shit. To
me, that's like getting some good coke from poppy and then getting some
money and then be like,'Fuck that! I'm getting some more 45ths, some brown
shit and then bag that up.' Why would you change your plan? That's what he
did to me.

E-40: No rating! Zero! I don't fuck with duke at all. At all.

Too $hort: Ten. That's my dog right there. I love that nigga. That's my
man. The calibre of shit he got. Cocktails shit, i ain't got to see that
shit yet. I know that shit it hot! I was with him in Atlanta and we were
just kickin' it and shit. That's my dog. I love that man.

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