Friday, June 23, 2006

Spank Ro x Sydney x SeeDub

so yeah shit has been quiet on the "seedub" front, i have been busy rockgin shit(re: spank rock @ espy, my 30min warm up set turned into 1.25 hrs.. HOT DAMN i say!!) and partyin up as per normal, new mix out by end of this weekend with bangers that will make josh even like heheh.

im up to sydney on 14th to 16th, then for ro shambo on 29th, but in between there may be something else "on the hush" that will make peeps freak out!! ca-lea-ritell?? thats all im saying!

leave some really bad comments if i dont have the mix done by sunday(that means you thommy!!). so yeah anyways the flyer yeah, im playing, its mitsubishi mans bday jumpoff so we will be playing his theme song "hustlin" all night long!! oh and if they have a mic, it will be game on too!! if your in melbourne pop down and no you dont need your mascara, despite what pete says, hey if woz comes down i cant see why you cant, stop sippin on the haterade.. you never know we'll hook you up with some 17yo!! hahaah

did i mention that i love sydney?? just dont mention this to my ex-ex....
(i hate stalkers!!!)

downloads you know you need(right clicky clicky!!):
Nelly Furtado & Ricky Ross "Promiscous Remix"
Rick Ross "Hustlin (Benzi Refix)"
Ying Yang Twins - Wiggle Then Move (Prod. by Collipark)
Rich Boy's "Break A Nigga Off"
Remy Ma - Everday I'm F**king Him "

yeah no worries seedub. haha thanks an peace.


Abullah the Butcher said...

through an interpreter, Abdullah the Butcher made these statements -

"yeah mayne ive been avoiding clic clic for a while. but the hater has stopped drinking his haterade. so pete can get off his shit and roll down and....exactly.....hook into young uns!
oh you all disgust me!!!
i think i might have to mask it down! bring me a fork too!!!"

Abdullah then went on to bite into the reporters head and drink washing dtergent!

Pete Le Creep said...

as much as i admire 'the butcher' this klack, klack, is wack, wack.
infact its the wackest of the wack, hipster emo faggots can suck my balls
fuck u and your dunlop volleys

enough haterade? thats a whole muthafuckin bottle

Abullah the Butcher said...

thats like the saying the buitcher forks his underlings in the head!
still! like everything else on this sat wont be equally gay!
shit imagine the fun youll have jus dissing the shits!
get ovwer your shit!
at least your not going to hard candy!!!

Abullah the Butcher said...

i love drinking pints at lunch with rooneys uncle!

makes the day go lovely and tyhe gibberish flow like vomit!!!

Pete Le Creep said...

everbody knows hard cany is only good on thursday nites. im going to the tunnel yo, only after the free booze has run out at joey's exhibition