Friday, June 23, 2006

Don't u just love cops?

My best mate and I decided to rebuild a Mazda RX3 together. It's been almost 4 long years full of head fucks, lots of $$$$ and time wasters. Finally two weeks ago the beast was ready to go for a spin. Peep the pic of the car above. My mate took it out earlier this week and the boys in blue pulled him over only to christen the car with a canary. FUCK!!!

Got off quite lightly, so shouldn't complain about it.



Abullah the Butcher said...

UM NO!!!!
fuck getting off lightly!
this falls under that one lovely big umbrella of...............

they only any good if you know 'em!

three stripes said...

dude, I was being sarcastic..and yes Fuck tha police!!!
Just what I need...fukin more $$$$ to spend to get the car 'roadworthy'...purleez!!!

Abullah the Butcher said...

i jus fucken hate them cunts!
they get my blood boiling!

how much ya rekon ya need to get it road werthy?

three stripes said...

roadworthy should be ok to get as I have some friends in the business. just minor shit like reverse lights etc. Have to also get an engineers just for my peace of mind and also less hassles from the cocks in blue as well.