Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Mason Camo is back!

Hooray for easter break, gave me a chance to put together a mix. Specal dedication to the fam tearing up Rude Awakening @ Basement back in the day, you know we had that joint on lock. Seedub, Morgz, zac, luke, slim, christie...the original posse. Just some of the tunes from 95-98 I used to drop, last one's for zac cos I know you feel that rebound bass! Download that shit and give the subs a workout!!!

Mason Camo - Fuckin Hated Fam Dedication Mix 82mb version
Mason Camo - Fuckin Hated Fam Dedication Mix 164mb version

1. B-Jam - Funkula (DJ Hype remix)
2. Smokey Joe - Smokin Hornz
3. Hired Gun - The Nightmare
4. Def wish - No 1 Chooses
5. Aphrodite - Dubmoods
6. U.T.I - Heat
7. Luniz - 5 on it (Aphrodite remix)
8. U.T.I - Rhymebomb
9. Hired Gun - Me and You
10. MC Det - Stick Up
11. Jungle Brothers - Brain(Natural Born Chillers Mix)
12. 187 Lockdown - Gunman(Natural Born Chillers Mix)
13. U.T.I - I'm Finished
14. Prisoners of Technology - True Born
15. Splash - Babylon(DJ SS mix)

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