Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shortsie's First impresions on India

from his travel blog...

-Heaps of fucking people.
I mean like HEAPS of fucking people, everywhere. doing either not much or everything.

-It stinks like piss in some areas, and death in others. You could almost distinguish area boundries with your nose.

-Stray dogs everywhere, but not like Melbourne lost looking dogs that are just wandering about looking at shit and sniffing, India Dogs walk with a purpose and nod at you when they walk past. They also roam in gangs with other dogs looking for rival dog gangs to beat up or dance off with. NOTE: dont play street craps with these dogs, they took me for 500 Rupees and a hot dog.

-everyone is trying to sell you something, and if they are not, then they are trying to take you to their cousin who is.

-Its Hot, really fucking hot

-there is no way im eating the street food, not in this heat with no refridgeration, call me unadventurous but im just not that big on shitting my pants.

-I think i like India, though im still not sure.

-Jonas would hate it.

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Ligga 3000 said...

brilliant! Rough it up bro! may the Jonas be with you!