Wednesday, July 12, 2006

thizz face x metalheadz

Here's a new mix blah blah:
CWD Dattebayo Mix #4 - 9/7/06 - 33 Megs 37:45mins

songs that are played in order:

2. BONE CRUSHER Southern Gorillaz
3. YOUNG DRO Shoulder Lean (remix)
4. P STONES Im Da Shit
5. LIL FLIP 3,2,1, GO!
6. T-PAIN Whats Yo Myspace
7. MIMS This Is Why Im Hot
8. THA DOGG POUND Craccin All Night
9. DOC HOLIDA George Bush
10. PIMP C Im Free
11. MASON CAMO Deepnorth Riddim
12. ICE CUBE Dick Tease
13. YOUNG LEEK Jiggle It
14. TEKI LATEX Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock Remix f/ amanda blank and spank rock)
15. LADY SOVEREIGN Love Me Or Hate Me
17. SAMMIE f/ Backwudz Keep It Moving
18. DJ AYRES La Da Dee
19. EMIL Hot Puhtaetoe
20. TRIPLE J Jump
21. MASON CAMO Popin Collars
22. MASON CAMO Who Put The Bop
23. MASON CAMO Rick Ross Has Disco Fever x Roller Skates

(Yeah I know, I had no idea wtf i was thinking putting that JT track in there, Shit is absolute garbage, Hype x Music = Seedub sucka.. Kin hell i say, only when i heard the mix back first time i was like "omg i have committed a sin against decent music" the track doesnt go anywhere and for someone that can sing.. Um where is the singing and the in-tune voice? I really need a comment here by woz, as he will more than verify that shit for me, I can see him now looking at me in disapointment.. "tsk tsk" he says)

The mix for the next FAVELA party is going well, 80mins of party madness. Should be finished by tuesday, I can't actually wait to play Black Cat next week with StayUpLateBigBrotherBoy, to rock some hip hop on the 1's ans 2's, when's the last time...

Holy crap look what has just been released!

I played this for my broad last night an guess what happened?? HATER i'm calling YOU OUT!! you will love this track!

If only all our dreams became a reality

BTW im getting these two lil beauties(MAC's get the GAS FACE!) :



Pete Le Creep said...

9 finger yo! love it. gotta get em in there

Testicular Torsion said...


Wozka wozka said...

ha ha
jt was quoted as sayin he was goin for a david bowie x jb sex machine
am i feeling it? put it this way...ill give him an E for Effort.. ha ha ha..
my burberrry tortoise shell specs are gonna fall off if this trash becomes a club anthem..
and question for timbo - no monster sing-along chorus ala promiscuous.. what?!