Saturday, July 15, 2006

Recipe du jour... brought to you by the gateau gangsta

Chocolate and mango gateau

To that dimepiece I spoke to at the uniform party last night, holla at wozka double for a slice!

If yall are round the Northside area, remember to drop by the Incinerator Arts Complex to check out my mate Arun Sharma's ceramics exhibition - Untitled (Bones and Babies).

Dope art at a great price!


Jason said...

where is the love woz??

seedoubleyoudee said...


sydney crew missed you over the weekend, you and pete should come up on aug 5 when im DJING IN SYDNEY!!!! catch up with crew!!

anyways, if you want i can hook you up with her number if you want, she is a freind of a friends!!


big shout outs to the SYDNEY crew representing, showing us love and their kind hospitality!! cant wait to come back up!!


Abullah the Butcher said...

so sydney was good then????

RDJ said...

pretty sure she's spoken for, but i'll put in a good word... doing it for the blog ;)