Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mat likes the Hamptons

Look what my homie gets up to when he is home alone with a bottle of vodka and his trusty pc...

Ritchie if your reading this i NEED an Another: bandana and a Rogue Status one, I'll be up in a week and a half, get ready Sydney...

"So my 3 days off in my Hamptons hideaway has left me plenty of time to cook up a lil mix and even a cover. We got some exclusives and otherwise not readily played ish on here. 40 minutes of crunkish, b-moreish, boston bouncish, dancehallish mashery. 40 minutes of gold grills, mills ofbills and cadillac coupe devilles. Or 40 minutes of bleaming, scheming and otherwise dreaming. Whatever be the situation, Drizzunk Entertaiment AKA Mat got into the Vodka proudly presents:

Grills, Mills & Coupe DeVilles: The Mixtape.

Yes muthabitches yes. Better than Cirque De So Blah.

Peace. Mason Camo"

1 comment:

Abullah the Butcher said...

nothing is better then Cirque de Scrotum!