Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vice Sux

Damn. Only reason I wanted to play a vice party was to see Spank Rock. But now they got me playing when Spankro is on stage in the other room. This sux. FAAAAAARKKKKK!!!!


seedoubleyoudee said...

that sucks dude, YOU GIT PWNED!!!

seedoubleyoudee said...

hey we should do a mix together the name of it should be:

"half asian meets asian, fully amazing"

it will sell like hotcakes!!

you down?

Testicular Torsion said...

Def. I got some sick ass lazy motherfucker. straight outta HK. u should hear it. mc yan. he's all hooked up with edison chen that bitch who runs clot.

seedoubleyoudee said...

holy shit that asian guy from the best manga to movie conversion ever!!!!! INITIAL D!! (sike)

woz $ hooked me up with some mixtape, cant understand a word, so i wouldnt know if it was good or bad, actually it sounds like bad canto-pop ahha

you need a blood "clot" for that flesh fuckers shit, "thats nassstttee!"

lets do a three6mafia x black sabbath remix nahmean!


Testicular Torsion said...

i got a joan armatrading vs MIA track. now that shit is hot. only live blend... gonna have to mix it. I Got that mixtape. it's HILARIOUS. Edison Chen and DA CHEF.