Friday, June 09, 2006

Gus !

This is Mason Camo's Bichir(polypterus delhezi) called Gus. This fish x crocdile hybrid thing is still doing what it did 2,000,000,000 years ago, fucking shit up. It sneaks up on its prey (fish) and attacks it full cs style chomping it in two! The sound of this is so great that it can be heard in about a 5 metre vicinity!! If you know where to look hard enough you can have one too!(here ya go woz $!)

Yeah so i had a whole heap of new music and some stuff i just wanted to hear in a mix so here it is, i was real bummed out the way it turned
out too, i guess just over critical cuz i like that shit tight, here is "dattebayo 2", im trying to squeeze as many songs as i can in 35mins
i ended up with 24(actually 26 + 2 x remixes of pro.girl) so yeah have a listen, I know some of the mixes are a bit off, but if youve heard me live
then it dont really matter, oh yeah i have an excuse too, i spun at lucy Lui's party on sat night and was a lil innebriated and left one of my butter rugs there, so i bought some new ones and i hadnt "broke em" in yet.

DATTEBAYO MIX #2 d/l here! (39meg)

1. Promiscious Girl - Nelly Furtado(original + sik remix + ?)
2. Encore - Jay-Z (Catchdubs Remix)
3. Tell Me When To Go - E-40 (rawdeluxeshitmix)
4. Black Sheep - Jonny Blaze
5. Bounce That - Girl Talk
6. This Is Crazy - Chris Cole
7. Gyrate - Da Musicianz
8. Stand Up Tall - My Gay Husband
9. Maneater - Nelly Furtado
10. Thank Me With Your Hands - MSTRKRFT
11. Paris - MSTRKFT
12. Dippin On Chrome - So Fresh
13. Rock Bottom - Pitbull
14. Where You At? - Tyte Work
15. Nike Airs, Crisp Tee's - Rick Ross
16. Respect My Fresh - Kinfolk
17. Good Googly Moogly - Project Pat
18. Ridin High - Dre feat. Rick Ross
19. Run Tell The DJ - R. Prophet
20. Neva Eva - My Gay Husband
21. If You Scared - Hatian Fresh
22. Bumpin On My Block - Ray j feat. Scarface
23. I'm Da Man - E-40
24. Re-Up Anthem - Clipse

Last thing too, if you havent bought A-trak's "Live from vancouver mix" from september 2005, here it is for you to d/l here and peep here while your waiting for it.

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Testicular Torsion said...

HOT. dirty intro, but rocking in da mid.