Wednesday, June 07, 2006


New Lily Allen mixtape is out. It's a fresh smorgasboard of her own original material mixed in with choice tracks that genre hop from grime and folk to 2-step (!) and Japanese rnb.

Interesting interview with Joe D admitting the Darko pick was a f**k up and of the plans for Detroit coming into the 06/07 season

Could the NBA be on the verge on mounting a comeback? I thought this season's playoffs were the most exciting in recent memory. Apparently, this season's attendance levels were the highest in league history.

Still on the bball tip, $ is on the next cover of SLAM. First time he's been interviewed by SLAM too.

According to University of Queensland scientists, people are more 'easily persuaded' after a cup of coffee. Their conclusions sound pretty flimsy though.

That's it for now. To use some corporate terminology on you lurkers, gotta 'step up' and 'add value'...ha. You guys have got nothin for me to f**kin read!

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