Wednesday, April 18, 2007

memories in the corner of my mind

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this would have been taken around the winter of 2005- pre marriage mae. she was in melbs for work i think, woz and i took her out for a "good time."
we went to pancake parlour for dinner and i remember mae ordering a bottle of wine, good times!
does anyone know where this doorway is?

*edit* for extra credits
this is the same nite i found the paper dove that is now hanging in my studio.


killah kz said...

have you seen the listers? 05.

RDJ said...

doorway is now leading up to Until Never gallery, off hosier lane.

Pete Le Creep said...

yo k, whats up?

Pete Le Creep said...

check out that rat bones near mae!

killah kz said...

yo homie,
brisbane is up! i got a new frame to pick up there too- f yeah!
wanna have some black/white russians poolside?

Pete Le Creep said...

the russians will be smashed left and right!