Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fuck The Burrito Brothers

Long time cant skate reader, lets just called him/her stevs, has give the burrito bros 2 thumbs down- worst staff/service in melbs. if they dont have time for us, fuck 'em!


RDJ said...

damn, that's a let down. been struggling to find good mexican food.

Pete Le Creep said...

we're def gonna have mexican for the cant skate bday- russell st maybe? anyone want to do a test run?

RDJ said...

not me, had blue corn in st kilda recommended once and i got more fish in my burrito than chicken. i hate coke'd up people cooking for me.

Memphis said...

i had blue corn once, there mexican breakfast burritos aren't too shabby.

im pissed burrito brothers sucks i intended on trying it very soon.

we went to mexican for wednesday night sf dinner once, shit was nuts but fuck was it a hike!