Monday, January 08, 2007

Help a sister out...

so one of the blog's friends is in need of assistance, she is currently going through a divorce and over christmas/new years spent all of her time in hospital having brain surgery (for real) after stress mixed with an undiagnosed condition caused a bleed on her brain... so yeah it was a less than joyful time.

anyway she is out of the hospital now with a few weeks up her sleeve until the docs decide what the next step is (so far it looks to be some pretty invasive action) but she has just got the lease on a house for her and her family who have all come here from OS to be by her side and she is need of some household items.

so if anyone has got some of the stuff below which they no longer want or need please hit me up through the blog.

cheers guys,


Appliances and Electronics:
Refrigerator (with freezer)
Dishwashing machine (free standing)
Washer and Dryer
Television and DVD player
Alarm clock radio
Toaster/Toaster oven

Outdoors – Backyard:
Patio furniture (table and chairs)
Patio umbrella
Barbeque & BBQ tools
Plants, seeds, pots etc
Garden Tools

Baby’s room (2 1/2 year old):
Bedroom Lamp
Toy box
Shelving and or wardrobe unit

Dining room chairs
Sofa and love seat
Sofa chair
Living room table
End tables
Area rug for living room
Computer desk & chair
Chest of drawers
Shelving unit
Bedside tables

Dishes and cutlery
Pots and pans
Cooking utensils (spatulas, ladles etc)
Casserole dishes
Water jugs

Toolbox, Misc Tools, Storage containers (Bins)


Francis McAvoy said...

sounds like some kind of scam to me dude, i dont know...

RDJ said...

sounds like you wanna fight tubby :P

Abullah the Butcher said...

ima scrounge around n see what i can come up with!
hller at ya then!
im sympathetic as a brain disease ate my shit away once and nearly killed me!

Wozka wozka said...

i got some brand new dishes and cutlery that i dont have a need for...
holla at me on 0434 285 773 if they are of any use
hope everything is on the up

RDJ said...

thanks guys, i'll be checking in with you both soon ;)