Thursday, January 11, 2007

before nas dropped the nasty

firstly - best wishes to jonas. hope things work out for your friend.

secondly - mid nineties. we're all sick of hip-hop this hip-hop that. i was dreaming up some post about the state of things, but then i remembered that its not my place - i couldn't care less about current rap dudes these days. skills. the game. flow.. lyrical smokation. what a bunch of egghead shit.

i just discovered podcasts. i still don't understand why they are legal and all is gravy, but i'm fiending for em. anyone else looking for mixes of stuff made up til the mid-nineties, have a look at . these guys do a weekly show - try mix number 5 for a good overview of what they play. theres about 50 all up, all hosted and available for download.

whats everyone else listening to these days? and any other good mix sites? i also like for hour long mixes..


Pete Le Creep said...

im all over mark ronsons 'authentic shit' podcast on east village radio.

u might even get to hear a fellow brogger sing on there. love it

Wozka wozka said...

not sure if its your cup of tea.. but i highly rate for mixes.. its mostly hipster/hipster not hipster club music but lots of dope mixes get posted on the regular.. below is a sample tracklist


00. Squarepusher - Hello Meaow (Warp) (last one from Kornél Y Barbaro)
01. Trentemöller - Moan (Radio Slave Remix) (Pokerflat)
02. Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 1 (Playhouse)
03. Jamie Anderson - Time Is Now (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)
04. Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog (Radio Slave Instrumental Mix) (Parlophone)
05. Mocky - Extended Vacation (Radio Slave Remix) (Mocky)
05. Radio Slave - Talking Hands (Rekids)
06. Matt O’Brien - Serotone (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)
07. Mr. G - ??? (Rekids)
08. Hot Chip - No Fit State (Audion Remix) (EMI)
09. Depeche Mode - Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) (Mute)
10. Agoria - Baboul Hair Cuttin (Radio Slave Remix) (Different)
11. Booka Shade - Darko (Radio Slave Extended Remix) (Get Physical)
12. Kissogram - My friend is a Seahorse (Radioslave RMX)
13. Luca Baldini - Hermann Der Rammler (Radio Slave Secret Base Remix) (Hell Yeah)
14. Peace Division - Blacklight Sleaze (Radio Slave Dub Mix) (NRK)
15. ???
16. Jacques Dutronc - Les Cactus (Radio Slave Edit) (CDr)

Pete Le Creep said...

does anyone have any diplo podcasts?

Mark Drew said...

yeah i got one.. its one of those loud screamy girls types. good for late nights working. i'll put it aside..

Mark Drew said...

thanks woz, btw - i'm on it now!

malaya said...

i do know what you mean person who posted this and a while back i did revert back to early 90's because modern day shite was sounding all the same and new albums coming out were tedious to listen to... but the i had a change of tune and decided to look at all the modern day poets as art. then i started to enjoy them instead of trying to compare them to the old greats... u cant tell me mike jones aint art?! mike jones!