Tuesday, March 15, 2011

above. + Adam Murfet & Jessie Oldfield.

Level was created in collaboration with fashion label above. It features pieces from above's autumn/winter 2011 collection.


In searching for the next step, a girl sees a sign: a simple beginning. She enters with a strong direction, but there is an undercurrent present, a want and desire in her for more. We are not only one mind, one piece, one body; instead endless connections and thoughts make up our workings.

The girl finds herself in a beautiful mechanised environment, and she is struck by the flow and perfection of process. Grunting, binging, snickering and ringing – all the parts in the space move – clicking, bending, clashing, thumping – it doesn’t matter where we exist, repetition is always a constant presence. Despite appearing familiar, she realises no two moments are identical. The mechanism is beautiful, it's awkward and it's continuous – just like the girl’s need.

She steps into the flow, and is propelled forward, immediately gaining momentum and light. There can be only true beauty in this chaos. She is alive, she is moving, thrust in to the fray, caught up in the breathing dimension, spun in to a synchronised movement, and lifted up.

Suddenly, she pauses. A stillness and reflection settles in the scene. Breathless with a new sense of calm, a feeling of nothing, of openness, spreads across the scene. The girl is still, but inside nothing has truly stopped, and a sense of every moment being continuous, being connected, tingles through her. Just like a swing, like a mechanical part, the pause at the top is really about momentum, about that moment before the thrust begins again.

Time is always moving, we are always building, growing into a taller wiser being. Sometimes it feels like we are part of a continuous machine, but the machine is beautiful and only leads to a better place. Everything is unfinished, we as humans are unfinished, all is above.

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