Thursday, March 19, 2009

interesting quote from atrak

- Your brother DaveOne from Chromeo was one of the first to make the transition from rap producer to dance music. Sebastian, Fake Blood, the Birdy Nam Nam guys, the Crookers, now it’s seems almost natural for hip-hop heads to make the ’switch’, no pun intended. Now what percentage of your hip-hop audience do you think followed you through that path? Any awkward moment dropping ‘It ain’t hard to tell’ in a big techno festival rave?

For me there was a sort of transition where I started playing more dance music for an indie-hipster audience or a dance audience, and it wasn’t necessarily the same fans as the OG hip hop and turntablism fans. And then gradually I started noticing my hip hop friends, peers and fans getting interested in the “electro” stuff that my friends and I were doing. I started getting emails from guys like Clinton Sparks asking for my newer uptempo remixes. Around the same time, Kanye came out with the Graduation album and a lot of people in the rap world credited me for influencing that sound… generally in a good way! This past year I’ve noticed that practically all the DJs that used to do the DMC’s in the generation after me now play electro sets with a copious amounts of Crookers and Fake Blood.
And yes I do remember an awkward rap moment just a few months ago. Usually even if I’m playing a big techno festival rave, as you called it, I still drop a couple of rap classics. I played in Osaka last December and I remember dropping Luniz “I Got Five On It” and getting complete dead silence from the audience.

stolen from the coolcats blog

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