Thursday, November 06, 2008

Got to love ebay!

So I sold a shirt the other day and then I get several emails from the winner.
Here is just one of them.....

Hey i have a general question to ask you regarding my concerns about managing care for this product. Sometimes i hear dry clean is the best way for the particular item i possess. I hear 100% cotton you cold wash & air dry & then hot iron. for a 'supreme' quality flannel like this one, how do i care for it so i can maintain life for it throughout the years. I am not gonna rock this everyday. I know this is like top 10 flannel ever released based on color combination and overall material quality combined. I want to keep this shit way clean, so you're happy you sold it to me 2yrs earlier. You know what i mean? i hate ppl that buy shit & thrash it, especially good pieces like this. I dont want my shit trashed. So if you could give me a helpful tip if you possess the knowledge i would greatly appreciate it very much so. Thank You


Pete Le Creep said...

ahaha, "supreme"

Boon said...

If only he knew about dave's supreme cleaning abilities