Wednesday, September 03, 2008

$10000 Salary

In 2008 the City of Greater Geelong allocated funding for the creation of an aerosol art project in Police Lane. The project, which will be unveiled during the Geelong Cultural Precinct Art Market on December 5th 2008, will involve the participation of

1. Principal Artist
2. 1-3 Lead Artists (locally based in the Greater Geelong region)
3. Participant Artists (young people aged between 16-25 yrs from the Greater Geelong region)

Selection Criteria.
The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate

1. Experience working on and successfully delivering large scale community art projects.
2. Experience working with young people on arts projects in order to facilitate successful outcomes that positively reflect the involvement of the participants.
3. A high level of artistic integrity and reputation.
4. An ability to broadly meet the concerns of the Geelong Cultural Precinct initiative that seeks to attract people to the region.
5. A proven record of adequate risk management on previous projects.

The applicant will provide

1. A short C.V. (No longer than 2 pages).
2. Samples of previous work/projects (in particular those involving young people and/or aerosol art).
3. Responses to the selection criteria.

The successful applicant will receive a negotiated fee approximately $10,000 (depending on their level of experience). The Principal Artist will be integrally involved in the selection process of the Lead Artists, the recruitment of the Participant Artists and all technical aspects of the project.

Applications must be received by 4pm Friday 12th September.

Send by email to the listed address, or mail to PO Box 4014, Geelong VIC 3022. All submissions must be clearly labelled Expression of Interest, CYAC Aerosol Art Project. For more information call CYAC Artistic Director, Ben Laden on the listed number.


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ben laden. sounds suss to me!

RDJ said...

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