Sunday, April 15, 2007

sneak's perspective on meeting "the chad" in syd

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the gassy is just across the road- todd loves this photo

i was walking down crown st and there was this "dude" that i knew was from melbs. he was lying on the ground- the cold, cold concrete and he had no idea where he was mumbling to himself..
since i knew he was memphis' friend i asked if he was ok and he replied something along the lines of:
"nah, im cool man. im sweet here on the ground"
"are u sure"?"
"yep, trust me"
so, i just shrugged my shoulders and continued into the gassy


Memphis said...

i have a photo from that night of the chad on the ground, only he's laughing coz someone just jumped through a car...

Pete Le Creep said...

post it!