Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the joys of australia day...

andy b copping a perve

the cops policing a perve

andy exiting KMG

industry pass, sick mate, fully sick...



nuses are a good marketing tool, but free beer is better than free water

paris & nicole

aussie pride


Abullah the Butcher said...

where was that? BDO? no what was on a the myer music bowl???

Pete Le Creep said...

kiss my grass yo. see my glasses hanging on my chain?? dats seeeeck
da music was pumpin

RDJ said...

siiiick mate... fully.

Jonuts said...

i saw that too!! man.. there was some major cloning issues that day.

why do ppl think its cool to dress the same...?

did anyone see the folklore skate comp?

it was wak anyway..

RDJ said...

haha, don't tell me you actually went to that gig?

Jonuts said...

god no. just happened to be walking past..