Thursday, October 12, 2006

dirt dogs x2

Rapper Big Pun's hidden home security camera captures him pistol whipping his wife pt.1...I've been reading a lot of comments defending Pun's actions for why he did this, like maybe she cheated on him or something. But I'm going to clear the air right now - Pun hit her with the gun because he got mad at her for moving the gun to a safer place where the kids couldn't find it. It turns out that it wasn't even her who moved it but it was her brother-in-law who had the common sense to do so but he didn't have a chance to tell them about it yet and Pun just went into a rage about it and did what he always did when he got mad - he beat his wife. Anyway you can see this video and hear the whole truth about what a scumbag Pun was from his wife, sister and people in his circle on the DVD: Big Pun: Still Not A Player. This is an amazing DVD that I recommend to anybody who was not only a fan of Pun but any other rapper or famous person who's darkside is protected from the public by the people who handle their careers.

off the books!


kwality said...

There's no excuse for hitting a woman. Seriously.

Abullah the Butcher said...

what did poor ODB have to do with any of that??? leave pooor ODB alone!