Monday, September 11, 2006

Fun In The Sun

Well another week and our lil pet project is 3/4 of the way there. As you can see, fresh ply, mmmm smells toasty! Big Props to the one the only Big Sime for Hu$tlin the Ply, screws, jigsaw, drills and $10 Broom anyone!!! Haha

What is with getting old and feeling sore as fuck? Dayum, i know i wasnt hurting as bad as Hans and Big Sime, but Pete?? Man.. using those muscles you hadn't in a while?

Here's a new mix to celebrate the occasion.

CWD Dattebayo Mix #6 - 6/9/06 - 35 Megs 34:57mins

1. Fat Joe - Make It Rain
2. Mr Magic - Lets Roll
3. Project Pat - Raised In The Projects
4. Abray Dewan - My Chain
5. Lady Sovereign - The Brooom
6. DJ Gero - Kryptonite Remix
7. Daz - Weekend
8. Roots Manuva - Seat Yourself (Diplo Remix)
9. Trick Daddy - Bet That
10. FDNY - So Crazy
11. Butch - Itz My Time
12. DJ Shadow - 4 Freaks
13. Mistah Fab - Brush Em Off
14. Sebastian - Dolami
15. Serious Smoke - Vebyn
16. Killer Mike - Akshon
17. Justin Timberlake - My Love
18. Mason Camo - Fleetwood
19. Mason Camo - Broken Wings
20. Mason Camo - Hollies
21. Taj - Canga De Tahj
22. Mason Camo - Beatdown Bridge Bbane Version
23. Agent X - Get The Flow
24. Trackademiks - Bay Cats Do That Hyphy
25. Lady Sovereign - Whispers

P.S. Ying Yang Twins... don't even ask, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SOUNDMAN AT WITH MY MIC?? Dude probably wasn't even there...

P.P.S. No doubt I'll be seeing everyone @ FAVELA ROCK for the amazing show that is the HALF-ASIAN VS ASIAN aka AMAZING!!!


RDJ said...

shouldn't the half pipe be raised off the ground so it doesn't rot??

kwality said...

Where is this magical ramp? Or is it like "Animal Chin" and I have to search for it?

kwality said...

Where is this magical ramp? Or is it like "Animal Chin" and I have to search for it?

Pete Le Creep said...

animal chin! animal chin!
favela aferparty at the ramp on sunday?
im so down

seedoubleyoudee said...

you know this!

joe.louis said...

sup next week for a skate homies?? niggas got a week off school n shit!