Sunday, August 27, 2006


a question has been pondering me for awhile now and although i havent had the balls to test out the theory ...........

would wanking with sandpaper hurt more with

A.fine grade sandpaper

B.coarse sandpaper

now most would argue that fine grade would be better seeing as obviously the grade is finer but i however would argue that being fine grade there is more coverage onto the skin than coarse, although coarse has more distinct ridges

now after these points it would seem that the fine grade would scrape more skin off the penis whereas the coarse would only scratch ?

maybe ill give it a rundown when im drunk enough

it's almost as good as asking if anal is better with/without lube or in the shower - pete le chic ?


Mark Drew said...

richie mate, you're quite a catch.

Abullah the Butcher said...

only one way to test your theory out! jus like in KL when i met 2 canadian gals who got drugged/robbed.
and thats to actually give it a crack!
i put my hand up to try the dodgy "coffee" that drugged up the gals. i aint putting my hand up for this one tho!