Monday, August 07, 2006


so the other night my boy caine (fr shadow) got robbed in the middle of the night while him and his girl were sleeping, they got away with heaps of their stuff but one thing they took was a digital camera with video capabilities and you guessed it... they filmed themselves at their crib smoking crack and other dumb shit that ensures they are getting done for the crime. all because they were stupid enough to be hanging out the front of some projects at 3am with all the stolen stuff plus shitloads of drugs in a bag. way to go guys ;)

peep the video:

check shadow blog for more details:

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Memphis said...

read that on shadow blog other day, full on. what a story tho!!! and i love happy endings, especially ones involving crackies egtting locked up (sorry abdullah :D)

side note: i want one of those shadow x highs and lows 'lies & hoes' tees SO bad!