Sunday, July 30, 2006

There's no business like snow business

Above is the cover of the 2nd Clipse LP that is still in limbo after years of label drama. I'm praying that the other half of the RE-UP Gang will featuring extensively within it. The tag-team duo of Malice and Pusha T is nice enough with their menacing presence and incisive flows cutting like wicked scimitars over any beat (teriyaki P co-signed or otherwise). However, together with Sandman and Ad-liva and their husky drawls which swirl around like cumulus clouds of toxic gas, they combine to cook up one of the most potent drug-rap collectives ever. Ever ever? Ever ever!

If you wanna take that rap fanboy/girl to the next level, take advantage of the current Safeway/Woolworths specials and emulate your heroes by making 'Pyrex stirs turning into Cavalli furs' to keep yourself warm in these harsh wintry conditions. But remember... no matter how icey your grill is, there won't be no rainchecks. 'You know you know, yep yeah, you too...'

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