Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sorry mate!

I'm still riding the wave of euphoria following Australia's triumph over Japan. Really not feeling all these Australiasians jockriding Team Japan. Ungrateful bastards!

Here's a kinda amusing article about Japanese fans fighting amongst one another, with some accusing each other of smiling even though Japan lost. It's only football kids!!! ha

Get your trivia on and read up on the history of the soccer ball as well as the ball that's being used at this year's World Cup. The ball differs from previous designs in having just 14 curved panels, rather than the 32 that has been standard since the 1970 World Cup. In another first, the panels are bonded together rather than stitched. It is claimed to be rounder and to perform more uniformly regardless of where it is hit, and being almost waterproof.

Marais have a half price sale that started yesterday. It doesn't officially start until the 19th so you've gotta mention it to the staff. Get your avant garde steez on.

Interesting research paper that tracks all the brands that have been name-dropped in Top 20 Billboard songs. Unsurprisingly, the entrants within the Top 10 include Mercedes, Nike, Hennessy and LV. Biggest name dropping artiste honours goes to Fiddy, Luda and the Game.

Kostas will be in Melbourne tomorrow night to launch his new exhibition at Someday Gallery.

Thought provoking article which asserts that 2012 to 2018 is the time when the power structure of the world, much of which dates from World War II, is likely to crumble.

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