Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm in love with a...

Ok to celebrate the tour of Spank Rock in australia in 2 weeks time, a lovely friend of mine has sent me these links from a live show of his @ Notting Hill Arts Club in London. The set seems very short and not very polished (to my ears), so hopefully the Aus live show will be a lil bit different(?), hopefully hustle some cdr's off the BaltimoreBassConnection crew there as well. Is anyone with me that the only good tracks are the ones that feature Amanda Blank? That is wifey material right there! Her flows are so sick(peep the double time gutta trash mouth flow on "Bump" Big Sime knows what i'm talking about).

Also in the pipeline for tours to Oz from the Bmore scene are Aaron La Crate(Milkcrate Athletics) & (aforementioned) Amanda Blank. So "shotgun" marriage proposals!!!

01 - Bump
02 - Competition
03 - Rick Rubin
04 - BBC Interlude
05 - Put That Pussy On Me
06 - Sweet Talk
07 - Backyard Betty

heres the details for the melbourne gig:
When: Thursday, June 15, 2006
Time: 8:00 - late
Line-up: 'Spank Rock + Evet Jean (Opulent), DJ Woody', CWD.
Cost: $20 + BF

I've got a whole heap of new dirty south and bmore bangers too, i'll link that ish on the next blog.

I'm out. Have to play a favela rock house party in an hr, im still hurting from last night.


Testicular Torsion said...

Yo Melbs, I'm gonna be on the ones and twos at the Sydney Spank Vice show. Reppin for Can't Skate MoFos.

Testicular Torsion said...

It's gonna be all about New Jack Swing. Fuck Crunk!

seedoubleyoudee said...

new jack swing??? is that that guy from nz, deceptaconz savage's song? "let me see you new jack sswwinngg! now drop it low and let me see your new jack swing!" ahaha

thommy lets have a new jack swing battle off, if you got toni tony tone, then i have b.b.d!

Pete Le Creep said...

im calling in 'new edition' fuck all y'all up

Testicular Torsion said...

Damn Yeah! Johnny Gill is gonna hit the Floor!