Thursday, June 08, 2006


Yo Woz, sorry, still got nothing for you to read, but you better watch out on your next proddy run in HK. You may run into this fella. And man does he wanna f$%k this guy up.


left handed said...

what a little bitch

man step the fuck up and knock that guy out

cant handles peeps in my face like that

it would have been a 1 minute vid if i was involved ;)

Wozka wozka said...

a lot has happened since that incident

those two guys have since had their share of the limelight

the young guy who was clearly shook was interviewed on radio and he was frontin hard saying he was just mucking around with the old man

the old man got interviewed by a mag and apparently that night he had just broken up with his gf and he was actually on the phone with the anti-suicide committee... it was reported today that he got bashed by no apparent reason at his new job

also there are countless tracks littered over the net that are rap songs based on snippets of the conversation

gotta love the honkies... and gotta love the subtitlist for punching in not one but three (! ! !) exclaimation marks

Testicular Torsion said...

Love it Woz. I knew you'd know the history behind it. It's legendary amongst the asian crew. I wanted to share it with the rest of the cauc-asians. And that halfie CWD.

Jason said...

if i was the young dude...i would have grabbed the old mans head n smash it against the bus window as soon as the old man started tokin abt my mama!

seedoubleyoudee said...

thank you for the enlighten me to that, breaks up the monotony of waching countless disturbing youtube vids. that wil forever scar my brain.

woz let anyone know whats up? turn it up, he's always got shit under wraps. its his special super power.

hey wozka whats the haps with lunch/coffee ish? you tap it yet?
you had that shit in the BAG SON!

jDS said...

that kid was defo frontin .. he was shit scared of the uncle. otherwise he would have smacked him out. within 30 seconds!