Monday, June 19, 2006

Fed Square this morning was some crazy shit. 4am in the morning and the city looked like this.

Been slacking off on the blog these days, too busy World cuppin! The air-horns, flares and drums were cool. However, the ground level commentary was priceless.

Quotes of the night

Wog girl #21371 "Oh my god. I so wanna f**king ride him. He is so hot!" (When the camera zoomed in on Mark Viduka after he botched yet another pass)

Wog boy #87271 "He is a gun. He is a gun. He is such a gun. No, wait. He's a machine gun. A f**king bazooka." (Following a easy save made by Mark Schwarzer)

'Fast' food anyone?

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Abullah the Butcher said...

what in gods name were you doing up at that hour? in that cold! nukka you cray-ZEY!!!