Thursday, June 01, 2006

bro-down boogie

Good to see bro-down mode is in full effekt! We all know thugs (and mugs) need hugs too...!

So far, bro-down - check, tunes - check, proddy - ???

To balance out the deep and meaningful, it's time to cave in to our urges for consumption and flip to the vacuous tip.

How many times do we get told every week(let alone every month) by local politicians, journalists and celebrities that Melbourne/Sydney is a leading edge international city and it's world class this and that? The answer would be a figure that is lower than the number of times you get subtly reminded that we hardly register a blip on the world radar. Proof? Well, neither Medicom nor Paul Smith are showing us down under folks any love. How can it be possible to get excited about the World Cup? I demand my Viduka 1000% bearbrick now!

Random music trivia of the day: The title of Gnarls Barkley's LP St Elsewhere is actually lifted from some obscure early 80s hospital drama. What got me thinking was when I was bumpin Midnight Marauders and Phife from ACTQ rapped about it in Award Tour.

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Testicular Torsion said...

them so damn fine titties. them hypebeast boyz must be creaming themselves. i know i did.