Friday, July 07, 2006

I guess even money can make Paris sound decent

Even Paris Hilton is looking to start a career in music n after seeing this video...i think she might have a shot!if britney can sell millions of records...i dun see y anyone cant


Abullah the Butcher said...

dont care dont care!
goddam paris!
someone give ehr a good kick in the teeth!!!

Pete Le Creep said...

u should kick her in the cunt yo

kwality said...

That black abyss? You'd never get it back.

How much money can one person need? And who the hell figured that the music industry was good to be in? She should stick to smoking pole and being a rich ho.

Wozka wozka said...

^hey i bet u will spot her with a remix provided she looked after u sufficiently

pitchfork were again on point(s?) remarking how it sounds similar to lily allen but how its offensive as opposed to being endearing cos of paris' woeful image + trashy clip