Saturday, January 20, 2007

guide to longevity

eat less (within reason)and you will live longer (wikipedia 'harahachibu'). Refined foods like fast foods, donuts, white bread, cakes and biscuits should be reserved for treats only. Moderation in all things is a key, including alcohol, coffee
and the likes. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, organically grown if
possible. Fish is good as are palm sized servings of lean meat or poultry.
Nuts and seeds are healthy, 1 handful per day. No soft drinks or anything
with artificial sweeteners. Of course indulgence in recreational drugs and
also the majority of prescription items will hasten an early demise.
Exercise is not an option and should become part of your lifestyle and be
partaken of on a daily basis. One should get plenty of sleep and avoid late
nights. Fresh air and clean water in plentiful amount is crucial. One must
also adopt a positive attitude and be grateful and give thanks for what one
is blessed with. Above all be cheerful and loving and try not to harbour
evil thoughts. Adopt practices to help deal with stress. Creative pursuits,
breathing exercises, yoga or Chi Gong are all good.

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