Thursday, June 01, 2006

This is my first bloggin post ever...well if u cant beat bloggers of the world...join them!wat better way than a group blog!i dun know quite a number of u on this let me be the 1st to say..."sup ppl!"
if any of u are hard workin people...slaving to make money to make ends meet, waking up in the morning feeling and wishing that you could bum the rest of your life, doing watever u want the whole deadlines, no superior/bosses screaming down ur neck!i wanna tell u that bumming SUCKS!waking up in the morning wit no purpose, not knowing wat to do the whole day, waiting by the phone for someone to call n say "Hi, could u come in for an interview on .... at .... time. thank you"
Its too boring..there are only so many movies u can watch, so many websites u can surf, so many ppl u can speak to on msn!
so....if u ever hate ur job n have the tot of "how nice it would be to bum the rest of my life" give me a call n i will talk n slap some sense into u!
(i hope i get a job soon....)

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