Friday, June 02, 2006

and if you didnt know...


The Beatles. White album (1968)

Its funny, ive never been a huge Beatle fan but ive always felt that their overall sound is universally familiar. With that said ive been trying to string together the first memories I had of this album. It goes way back to a point where the memory feels but does not see, something to do with my childhood, my mother and winter.
Approximately a year ago a friend passed on a disc mixing tracks of this album with global hailed Jay-Z's final effort for wax the 'Black album' (see Dangermouse). Although the mastering of this project was less than above par Dangermouse’s ear for sampling for both parties tends to be almost seamless. However short, I enjoyed the aptly named 'Grey album'.
Lately ive been straying from hip-hop sleepwalking towards rock, focusing on the late 60's to late 70's. Ive found the experience very fulfilling, where, quite frequently i wil find a soul for the body of many hip-hop producers ill-sampled careers.
A lot of people criticise the 'White album' for being too long stressing that if the double disc were summarised to a single it would achieve the same overall goal without the pit-stops. I guess one could see this as a shortcut, however, I feel the journey is always more important than the finish line.
Peep track 13 Rocky Racoon it’s a good one.

A fresh white t-shirt. (Maybe even a fresh pair of white socks?)

Regardless of the phenomena that seems to be sweeping over Southern style hip hop a fresh white t-shirt for me has always been (and always will be) the peace de la resistance on any wardrobe. Apt for any scenario I can imagine myself in, the white t-shirt symbolises something beautifully minimal. A good friend once told me quite simply 'less is more’. Later she told me she had quoted the famous minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. To this day I try to approach all things in this manner. It’s all too common for me to be at conversation with a friend where they’ll be telling me their problems. Usually these perplexity's can be easily concluded/deduced quite effortlessly. A balance of complicated questions with the most basic of answers. However it is possible for the reverse to apply where white becomes black. Coming to grips with this concept is confusing by nature but think about the big picture for a moment. The resolution is important, and, if the resolution is theoretically obvious than the means are somewhat irrelevant. Consider a spider’s purpose in life. Its most primal function is to feed yet the means of getting there introduce all types of unexpected processes. The web acts as a manifestation of confusion, but does it confuse the user or the creator? Spider or fly? Sometimes it’s quite realistic to look at problems with simple clarity while at other times spiders need to be tangled in their own webs.
(A fresh pair of white socks feel incredible after wearing the same ones for half a week)

White German Shepard.

I came across this the other day.

Costa blanca. Spain's white coast.

I travelled through here in 2004. It was summer.
'Costa Blanca takes up the stretch of Mediterranean coast that corresponds to the province of Alicante, a great example of what is known as Mediterranean landscape.

The traveller can choose any part of this coastline, from the liveliest, most cosmopolitan stretch to areas that still maintain a rural feel. Wherever you decide to go, try to visit the neighbouring regions where you can discover the beautiful Mediterranean landscape. The horizons of the Costa Blanca feature many different types of attractions ranging from the valleys, where the memory of its Moorish past is kept alive in its terraced vegetable gardens, to the palm trees. The climate is also variable. The temperature is generally mild – the annual average being slightly higher than 17ÂșC – with little rainfall, and in the northern mountains in the area, the rainfall is logically higher than that registered in the lowland surrounding Elche and Orihuela. The combination of almond tree fields, vineyards, orchards and magnificent palm trees creates a type of vegetation that is unique in Europe'

The smaller beaches are amassing.

White jellybeans.

Are much better than black ones.


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