Thursday, June 15, 2006

Americans go to court over anything

I just read this article in The Age and thought that it was pretty funny!
Why would an issue such as circumcision have to brought to be settled in the court house?The dad in the story argues that getting circumcised will cause some kind of physical and psychological damage, but the mum argues that it is to prevent pain that the kid goes through!
Would something like that ever come up in ur household....would the words "If we cant settle this....we will fork out money, employ lawyers and waste the time of a judge to settle a simple dispute!" Next thing you know your bringing your wife/girlfren to court just cause a simple decision like what to have for dinner cannot be decided?
Its time we went back to the good old days where a decision is made and everyone agrees on it without a third party involved!sure there will sometimes be losers from the outcome of the decision...but i am sure the same person will not always get the short end of the bargain and will come out on top sometimes as well!If u are....ur being pushed around n stand up for your right!

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three stripes said...

Fuckin Americans are such a litigious society. But being divorced doesn't help as there are other 'issues' also fuelling this disagreement (I presume?).

If its for medical reasons then I think they should circumcise him. Otherwise leave what you were born with.

To circumcise or not to circumcise has been an ongoing topic for years.

In the end, its not the father's penis who's having the foreskin lobbed off? Maybe the kid needs to have some input into this?

Fark that was a bit of rant!!!